Today's top Technicans must also be business savvy

Cars today are harder than ever to diagnose and trobleshoot. Being a topflight technican though is not enough. You must also be a top flight business professional. MotorWare's shop management software, MotorWare Desktop Edition can help. It easies the burden of running an automobile repair business, so you can focus on what is important to you. Diagnosing and repairing today's complex and ever changing vehicles.

motorware desktop edition

MotorWare Desktop Edition has just been released. It is the perfect tool for automotive repair shops that want cloud like services but still want their data stored locally. It contains Clould like features such as online license plate lookup. Yet your daa is stored on your own computer.

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What was once Fodder for the Amateur is now the domain of consumate professionals

A half-century ago, in the era of Detroit heavy metal any amateure could fix a car. Now you need training and you you need the right tools For managing your buiness MotorWare Desktop Edition can be the right tool.

Motorware Desktop Edition

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For over 20 Years ...

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  • Stay in control of your business
  • Data on your computer not the cloud

Affordable Auto Repair Shop Management Software

MotorWare combines affordability with unparralled power. If you own or manage an automotive repair business, MotorWare can meet your customer invoicing neeeds.
The highly specialized, and unique demands of the automotive repair business means that standard accounting software alone is not enough to meet your invoicing, repair order, customer management and customer marketing needs.

MotorWare has been making the lives of service managers and repair shop owners easier for over 20 years. It lets you keep you data with you, not on the cloud. Putting in a new vehicle is as simple as entering a license plate. A real time look up facility almost seemlessly puts all vehicle information into your database. It's easier to write and market services to your customers. With a click of a button, a feel service history report is available for a vehicle. You can create service tickets, repair orders and final invoices. Highly customizable printed formats are available

In today's on the go world communication with your customer is key. You can text status updatesyour customer (text message fees may apply). Email your customer a final repair order from within the software. An optional marketing module gives you the power to email professional updates and recommendations to your clients.

Customer Managment

Manage and market to your customers. Search, filter and sort. Understand what your customers do for you.

Vehicle Management

Understand the "fleet" of vehicle you service from a management perspective. Track vehicle you repair and view online and in database service histories. Know what your customer needs.


Create professional printed invoices from over 15 templates. Send invoices to your customers via email.

Repair Orders

Manage your workflow through open repair orders. Add parts and labor items to repair orders on the fly. Close out and convert a repair order to a final invoice.

Manage Services

Create your own set of precanned services and procedures. Price your labor consistently and effectively.

Manage Parts

Keep an inventory of your most frequently used parts, such as batteries and oil filters. Work with stocking and non-stocking parts without the overhead of many accounting programs.

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About us

Years of Automotive Industry Experience

MotorWare has been making the lives of automotive repair shop managers easier since 1995. It was one of the first Windows based shop management software programs. It continues to be a trend setter. MotorWare Desktop Edition provides a panalopy of clould based information services but still keeps the user in control of his customers, vehicles and data.

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